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Frank's Vacuum Truck Service, Inc. is a DOT-registered hazardous material transporter and licensed industrial waste hauler in 48 states and Canada. The company offers full-load and less-than-load (LTL) services for bulk liquids, drummed waste, virgin chemical commodities, general commodities, industrial supplies, and other hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

As the company name indicates - we specialize in vacuum trailer service. The company's large inventory of vacuum tankers provide convenient loading and unloading of liquid and industrial wastes. Heavy sludges are no problem for our super-vacuum tankers, which feature rear discharge and dumping capabilities. Bulk shipments - an important part of our transportation-related service - are handled by a fleet of insulated stainless steel tankers. Because we can fabricate specialty fittings, extra-long sucker pipes, and other unique equipment for these tankers, Frank's Vacuum Truck Service, Inc. can handle projects that other companies can't.

Our extensive inventory of customer-friendly equipment includes a fleet of fully equipped box vans for containerized shipments.  Vans have secondary containment systems and some are equipped with hydraulic lift gates for ground level loading where docks are not available. We also maintain a full line of dump trailers that are equipped with sealed tailgates, plastic liners, and roll tarps.

Frank's Vacuum Truck Service, Inc. understands that preventative maintenance is the key to reliable, on-time, trouble-free shipments. Therefore, routine maintenance and pre-trip inspections are standard operating procedure.

Frank's Vacuum Truck Service, Inc. is fully insured, permitted, and licensed to provide the material hauling services described herein. In fact, the company's insurance coverage exceeds statutory requirements. It is also important to note that the company is permitted into all major TSDFs in the United States and Canada.

Frank's Vacuum Truck Service, Inc. employs experienced drivers certified with hazardous material endorsement.  Technical sales representatives are available to assist in all areas of transportation and waste management. Field representatives are assigned to large projects to coordinate on-site activities including scheduling and associated paperwork.

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